Saturday, April 16, 2011


Colleagues and friends often ask me what I'm doing in regards to my art practice.  Usually, I would answer with a specific exhibition or project. The many back-to-back exhibitions during the last several years has been great exposure, bringing regional and international recognition for my artwork. Artist Resum√©.

In 2011, space is needed to review these experiences, to read, to think and experiment. I've joined an independent Research in Art reading group with other artists and curators in Ottawa.  I'm interested in theoretical readings on thingness, phenomenology and environment, relating these to specific art practices and exhibitions.

The location of my own visual/multimedia practice in theoretical discourse concerns how memory works as constantly shifting, a position that challenges traditional notions of a series of fixed points along a linear narrative line. I'm also concerned with the simultaneity of experience with environment, perception and consciousness.

However, my creative process is more intuitive than analytical. My art is inspired by scraps of personal video and photographs captured over a lifetime. These are intuitively altered and combined digitally as memory is reshaped by present experience. When creating I am  in the flow of being.

Note: See blog entry: 11/23/09 Riding the Wave

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