Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Visual/Media Arts Curator Versus Project Coordinator are different roles. The Curator comes up with the exhibition concept, theme, and selection of artworks and artists. A project coordinator would ideally assist the curator with logistics of implementation.

Comparing Curatorial Approaches includes many variations according to individual philosophies, educational backgrounds and institutional mandates.  At one end of the continuum the Curator has a theme, and selects artworks that not only they view will contribute, but in which the artist's stated overall creative intent reinforces the theme. This Curator works closely with the artist being careful to not impose meaning on work that is at odds with the artist's intent, while at the same time locating it within a broader discussion. At the other end of the curatorial continuum is the academic who has a theme into which artists' work is selected regardless of any intent of meaning by the artist.  The benefits for the artist to this approach are insights from another perspective, but can also create mixed-feelings of being misinterpreted.

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