Sunday, September 20, 2009


Learning from one's own and other people's mistakes implies a framework for analysis. "Critical analysis" in this blog means the location and contribution of the artwork in contemporary aesthetic discourse. This requires knowledge by the critic of this framework, otherwise it's just opinion with no analytical basis.  The contemporary visual/media art practice that is located within this discussion, needs opportunities for critical engagement that come with where the work is shown, by whom and to whom.  Gallery and curator reputations attract artists, art critics and collectors with similar interests. While the same artwork may, and some would say should, resonate for people not aware of the artist's aesthetic discussion, the mid-career artist needs feedback from art critics knowledgeable about their work.  General media publication of articles about the artist that regurgitates the artist statement and bio fall short. The mid career artist needs critical reviews in art publications that attract readers knowledgeable about contemporary visual/media art discourse. Its important feedback to the artist, and to increase their exposure to other opportunities within this critical sphere. Regardless of whether the artist decides the feedback is relevant or not, it serves to validate that the work was seen.

Now that the framework for analyzing "mistake" in this blog has been established, it may be viewed that this type of mid career artist is wasting their time (and money) to exhibit in a City of Ottawa designated "Community Gallery".  The absence of a curator allows the artist free reign to curate their own work. They may do it with great rigour, all of which will not be seen, heard or written about by anyone other than the artist. While maybe beneficial at certain points of working things out in one's practice, its not something for everyone.

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