Friday, December 27, 2013


Planning for 2014 has already produced an invitation by the Vermont Art Centre, Artist Studio Residency Program in Johnston Vermont U.S., March 30 to April 25. I'm grateful to be selected for this residency opportunity to exchange with international artists from different disciplines, geographies and cultures. I've been assigned a beautiful painting studio to allow the space for unknown possibilities. Having a research-based practice, I work across medium and disciplines investigating the fluidity of memory and ecology of narrative space.

This will be my fourth artist residency: Gibraltar Point Toronto Islands 2002, Hungarian Multicultural Centre Budapest Hungary 2007, Banff Centre Alberta 2009 and now Vermont U.S. in 2014, about 5 years between each. 

When researching an Artist Residency for application, I'm careful to study the appropriateness of their mandate, the interests and professional backgrounds of program leaders and those of previous artist attendees. In addition, whether the organization will provide financial assistance, and specifically to me. As I will have to seek additional assistance from Canadian arts funding agencies, the Residency's international credibility with these agencies is also important. As a world traveler, I also consider geographic location for inspirations. The Vermont Art Centre Studio Residency Program meets all my criteria and is within driving distance from Ottawa cutting transportation costs. My research preparation during the next few months is to conceptualize an open-ended project with room for shifts in direction influenced by the actual residency experience.

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